Tuesday, August 31, 2010

So a few Sundays ago Brandi took Jason for us. So we could go to church  rather then being in the hall and not having to chase him because he wants to go sit with other people. Or in Sunday school and Kevin lets him walk around and then  he walks to the front were the teacher is and Jason is just waving to everyone saying Hi. It was cute and funny but guess who went up to get him . Yes it was me why Kevin sat in the back laughing. His lauging paid off in the because he was asked to give closing prayer.  So Thank You Brandi for taking him.They took pictures in his new church suit that we got him. He is a stud! Tyson and Trevor were singing a song and Jason started dancing its so cute. Take a look at the video oh and don't mind Brandi yelling at Tyson. She can be mean some times. Just kidding. Well sometimes when she comes to my house for ten minutes and Jason wanted to go with her but she needed to get back to take Tyson and other things. But he was mad the rest of the day. Not kidding about that. Jason still loves her and I guess I still do. haha

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